Hidden Treasures at Estate Sales

You might have heard of flipping houses, but have you considered flipping items you could find at an estate sale? Little trinkets and overlooked items could cost you pennies and sell for hundreds of dollars. 

It takes a keen eye to distinguish treasure from the trash in an estate sale where everything seems disposable. Here are some items you should watch for when you find yourself at an estate sale. 

Vintage Jewelry

Some jewelry is sold off privately before an estate sale. So consider yourself lucky if you come across gold or silver jewelry. However, whatever you find can be worth some serious cash. Even antique costume jewelry could be worth a good amount of money. So don’t be too stingy, and take advantage of the unique pieces available. 

Original artwork

You might not find a Warhol or Picasso, but anything original and signed is worth researching. Be on the lookout for advertising posters, oil paintings, and drawings.

Rare books

Look for the leather-bound books, signed copies, limited editions, and first editions for a quick and easy flip. 

Old toys

Toys tend to go unnoticed during a sale. But through the power of nostalgia, the right buyer may be willing to pay quite a lot for a toy in good condition. 

Vinyl Records

The vinyl record trend is finding its way back. While most sell for a few dollars, rare albums can fetch thousands on the market. A little research could go a long way in picking out the perfect records. 

Stylish Kitchenware

If you find a rare mason jar with an unusual shade, you might have won yourself the jackpot. Be on the lookout for any unusual pieces that will catch a nostalgic or culinary eye. 

Visit an Estate Sale Today

Estate sales are brimming with all sorts of vintage pieces, treasured heirlooms, and forgotten pieces of art. A Saturday stroll through an estate sale could become a side hustle if you know what to look for. See for yourself what you can find out there. 

Published by Daniel McTeague

Located in Bonita Springs, Florida family owned and operated by Paige & Daniel! We have been in estate sales for 10 years! We understand all there is about estate liquidation and we can promise to do our absolute best when being your estate sale provider.

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