Hiring an Estate Liquidator

An Estate Sale may seem like a glorified garage sale, but there is a degree of expertise required to run one well. Whether you’re managing a loved one’s possessions that have passed or selling your possessions during a relocation, having a courteous and experienced professional will guarantee that the operation runs smoothly and be worth your while.

Why Have An Estate Sale?

An estate sale is held to sell a person’s possessions so their home can be put on the market. The most efficient way in terms of time and cost to sell the possessions is through an estate sale. 

They often occur when someone has passed and their family steps in to handle their home and possessions, but they also happen when a homeowner retires, moves, or wishes to downsize.

A garage sale is not a proper method of sale for a diverse collection of possessions. To properly appraise and sell valuable, you must hire a well-versed estate liquidator. 

What An Estate Liquidator Does

The scope of an estate liquidator’s work encompasses pre-sale, sale-day, and post-sale tasks. 

Presale Duties 

  • Appraisal and pricing of each estate sale item – this includes household items and furnishing
  • Advertisement – the liquidator or liquidation company places newspaper and digital ads to reach old and new shoppers

Sales Day Duties 

  • Oversee onsite staff members – this includes security and sales associates
  • Answer questions about any particular item for sale

Post-Sale Day Duties

  • Handle any leftover items – donations to charity, use in a different estate sale, dispose of by other means
  • House Cleanup – some companies include this in their services. Make sure to double-check if their fees include cleanup
  • Listing Items – An estate liquidator will list all sold items, and the seller(s) will receive the money from their sale after the liquidator’s fees have been taken out. 

Estate Sales Done Right

While it may take some effort to find the right Estate Liquidator or company, a respectable professional will make the process as easy as possible and ensure a successful sale. 

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