Choosing a Estate Liquidation Service

Are you considering hosting an estate sale? It can be a beneficial way to liquidate your loved one’s items without the hassle and emotion involved in selling them yourself. Before you jump in and choose just any Pennsylvania Estate liquidation service, you should know what to look for so that you hire a reputable service.

The right liquidation service should have all of the characteristics below.

Operate With Professionalism

First and foremost, make sure the company is professional. You want a liquidation service that comes to you and sells the items right from their original home. A service that comes in and buys the items to sell in their own store won’t give you the true value of the belongings. You want a bonded and insured company that comes to you, appraises the items, and prices them accordingly.

Work With Integrity

The right Pennsylvania estate liquidation service will realize that this is a trying time in your life. They should operate with respect and confidentiality. They should also understand the importance (and value) of the items in the sale, protecting them as best as possible from theft or vandalism during the sale. The right company will have a policy in place for small and valuable items, keeping them locked up near the staff during the sale.

Practice Proper Accounting

Obviously, the goal of the estate sale is to make money. The right estate liquidation service will use honest accounting practices. They will keep careful track of every item sold and its price. Keeping a careful log and providing access to the log along with the percentage paid to the estate service in commission is crucial.

Help With Setup and Cleanup

The last thing you want to deal with when considering an estate sale is to set up the home for others to walk through it. The right estate service will do this for you. They will guide you on which items to keep or the factors to consider when deciding. They should offer a timeline for you to remove those items from the home or designate a special area in the home to keep them. After the sale, the right company will help donate any items you no longer want to make the process of letting go easier.

Walk you Through the Process

The right estate liquidation service will gently walk you through the process. They won’t rush you to make decisions regarding sentimental items in the home. They will carefully discuss the contract with you, help answer any of your questions and honor any requests you have regarding caring for the home, such as laying down plastic on the floors or avoiding certain rooms.

Choosing a Pennsylvania estate liquidation service is a big decision. They hold the financial future of your loved one’s estate in their hands. Choose a company that has a solid history, reputable reviews, and the ability to manage the size of the estate that you have to sell.

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