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At Clearly Quick Estate Services LLC, we are your premier Estero estate liquidator! Hiring an estate sale company can be very beneficial for family members who do not have the time or basic knowledge to liquidate an estate on their own. Including, those who live outside of Florida who are in need of help liquidating an estate, attorneys or any executors who are in charge of liquidating an estate. Clearly Quick Estate Services LLC can host a professional and lucrative estate sale to get your home ready to be put on the real estate market. Above all, our goal is to significantly reduce your burden and relieve your stress. Therefore, you can always count on our family to help YOUR family!

We know this is a difficult time for you and your family. We promise to be careful and understanding while handling the estate’s assets. Especially during this time of grieving, it is very important to secure the right Ardmore estate liquidator who understands the estate sale process and who can bring in the highest prices and profit during your estate sale.

Estate Preparation

Save all the items you and family members would like to keep and put the items in a designated area. In addition, we help with sorting, organizing, and collecting of family keepsakes. Please DO NOT box up items that will be being sold, as that makes an extra step for us while setting up. Also, do not throw anything away except obvious trash, paperwork and perishable food.

Estate Sale Advertising Process

Advertisement has to be well marketed, it is necessary to ensure the best outcome. Before each estate sale we take photos, list top items for sale and list the sale dates and times on various sites. In addition, we email all of our customers to let them know we will be having an upcoming sale. We advertise in over 80 Facebook groups, Craigslist, Nextdoor,, plus our own customer list.

What To Ask When Hiring an Estate Liquidation Service:

  • Before you hire a company, do they have a physical store? If so, this could be a major conflict of interest because they might be screening your items to be put onto their shelves. In the end, this can result in them not pricing the items correctly in order for them to obtain the items for their store.
  • Is the company bonded and insured?
  • Do they bring in their own items to sell? If so this is a major red flag! Above all, their attention needs to be focused on selling YOUR items. For instance, they may place large price tags on their items & this may discourage buyers from looking at the clients actual items for sale.
  • How many workers will assist?
  • How do they determine the prices on your items?
  • Before you hire, what is the commission?
  • Does the company purchase items from the sale? If so, this is a conflict of interest.
  • Will they charge sales tax?
  • Will they bring in tables and display cases?
  • What happens to the unsold items?
  • Do they specialize as a Estero Estate Liquidator?

High Valued Items

We place all smaller high priced items up front with the cashier in locked glass cases, as well as all the jewelry. This significantly reduces theft. The items in the cases they’d like to purchase will be placed in a bag with their name on it.


During the estate sale we accept payments of CASH or Square Chip Reader. We find that accepting card payments increases sales. People may not carry that much cash on them, but they will always have a card payment.


We begin at the estate to see what see what services will best fit your needs. Then we will go over the items you are wanting to sell and your schedule and once we have come to your end goal we will discuss the commission and sign the contract.

Appraisal Process

We will go through the home and determine the value of all the items and place a price tag on it. Therefore, our professional knowledge and expertise will promise you get your best price! Why You May Need An Appraisal

Estate Liquidator Pricing

Pricing is based off the today’s market value, as the sale continues daily we will drop prices from 25% off to 50% off. In doing so, we ensure you are not left with a lot of items to remove.

Estate Sale Signs

We place signs on streets near the sale to direct people and it also brings people in off the street who are great customers for estate sales. This really brings in a lot of people who are heading to work or simply running errands.

Final Accounting

In conclusion, our final job is to provide an accounting of the estate sale proceeds. Within a week following the sale the client will receive a printed statement of the gross sales and commission paid to Clearly Quick Estate Services LLC and final payout.


We strictly have one entrance and one exit in the room where the cashier is. In other words, this way we are able to see anyone coming and going. We also have a camera security system we can use. The cameras are a deterrence for those who may think of stealing.

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