Our Policies

Estate Sale Policies

  • No early birds is one of our policies!
  • No pre-sales. Our customers wait a long time in line.
  • First come, first served
  • All sales are final, no refunds, no returns
  • Everything is sold as is, where is
  • Shoplifters will be prosecuted, we will NOT tolerate theft
  • You cannot use the restrooms
  • No food or drinks permitted
  • You’re responsible for the removal of items once purchased. You must be able to move all your items yourself and with your own help. That being said, we have a lot on our plates on sale day and are simply not able to help.
  • You CAN NOT Pile and hide items are. You may purchase and put your items in your vehicle, we ALWAYS re-organize before the next day of the sale.
  • There will be bidding on larger items such as trailers and vehicles etc. However, we will give notice if bidding is taking place.
  • You are not to block the driveway, it’s only used for loading and unloading. Ask before parking in it.
  • Pick up times must be before the sale ends on the last day. In other words, NO LATER!
  • Everyone must observe all signs. They are there for a reason, so please read them each thoroughly.
  • We have the right to search bags before and after entering and leaving the property.
  • You bought it? Therefore, take it with you!
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What We Ask Of Our Attendees

  • You’re a guest in someone else’s house. Please respect our clients home and our policies. For instance, imagine it being your home.
  • You must be respectful to the estate sale staff/workers. In addition, you may be asked to leave if not.
  • Neighbors and friends of the estate, we understand you had a relationship with the owner of the estate. We cannot just give away items just because you knew the owner. That being said, try to understand we are doing a service, and need to pay ourselves and the family.
  • If you notice any suspicious activity, tell a member of our team so we may address the issue.
  • Everyone waits in line before an estate sale opening, it’s part of the experience. However, if you want to be first in line show up early. You may use your bag as a line marker. We don’t offer a sign up sheet.
  • You cannot enter areas closed off. It’s closed off for a reason and may be dangerous.
  • You must never go out a back door, garage door, or side door. There is one entrance and exit near the cash register.
  • This is a estate sale not a garage sale. That being said, please respect our prices. We’re doing a service for the family. Therefore, we’re not giving things away for free.
  • You need to respect our signs. Pay attention, signs are to protect the home.
  • You need to be patient, the line gets long in the beginning of the sale. We can only move so fast. Customers enjoy sales and wait like everyone else.
  • Everyone MUST follow the rules for a smooth sale! https://www.thespruce.com/mistakes-youre-making-at-estate-sales-3903296

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