The Difference Between a Rummage Sale and an Estate Sale

Rummage sale, garage sale, yard sale and estate sale all sound the same, don’t they? They are all sales where people sell stuff they don’t want, right? What many people don’t realize is the vast difference between an estate sale and a rummage, garage, or yard sale.

Knowing the difference is important, especially if you have high-value items to sell. Estate sales are run by experienced estate liquidators in Malvern, PA that know the value of your items and help you get top dollar for them. Rummage or yard sales are different.

What is a Rummage Sale?

A rummage sale or garage sale is when you open up your garage or yard to host a sale. You may host these sales when you are ready to purge your home of unwanted items. Typically, rummage sales take place in the garage, on the driveway, or even all over the lawn.

You are in charge of the rummage sale yourself. You bring all of the items out to the garage or yard. You price the items and handle the sale. You are also in charge of marketing the sale to drive buyers to your home. If there are items left at the end of the sale, it’s up to you whether you bring them back into your home or donate them.

Shoppers often try to get the best deal possible at rummage sales, so expect a lot of negotiating. It’s up to you whether you accept the lower price or hold out for a higher one.

What is an Estate Sale?

An estate sale, unlike a yard sale, is run by estate liquidators in Malvern, PA. The sale takes place inside the home, typically of a person that recently passed away, but there are other reasons people have estate sales as well. Estate sales typically have items in rooms throughout the home that people can walk around and view, but they come to the front of the house to pay for the items.

Estate liquidators in Pennsylvania / New Jersey do all of the work for you in an estate sale. After you remove any personal items that you want to keep, the liquidator will handle the pricing, marketing, and the sale of the items. You don’t have to be involved in the sale at all, removing yourself emotionally from the process.

The estate liquidator will price the items accordingly and typically won’t negotiate. Estate sale hosts know the value of items and will ensure that you get that amount rather than giving into negotiations. You’ll pay a fee for the estate liquidator, but you don’t have to do anything except remove any items you want to keep from the home.

Estate sales often take place in homes of those that just passed or in foreclosed or abandoned homes. They offer the largest selection of items and have the greatest chance of selling items at the value they are worth. If you have any questions about how an estate sale would benefit you, call us today!

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